CFO Outsourcing

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is essential for any business, especially in an increasingly competitive business environment. 

The CFO control transaction processing and management reporting, monitor and improve organization performance, ensure regulatory compliance, explore the application of new technologies, manage business risks, and improve strategic decision making.

Our qualified professionals with a wide range of industry experience provide the CFO outsourcing service to many clients especially start-ups organizations to help them focus on what they do best and reduce the running costs of the finance function.

Our CFO outsource service includes the following strategic functions:

Monitoring the accounting and finance functions, setting processes and controlling, and review operational performance.

Ensuring accurate, timely and meaningful reporting that are fundamental for appropriate decision making and business success.

Preparing budgets and forecasts in accordance with the company objectives.

Preparing monthly and periodic cash flow forecasts and analysis to control the business liquidity.

Ensuring the business is complying with relevant tax laws, statutory annual audits and regulations.

Reviewing the business risk profile, developing and implementing risk mitigation processes.

Established strategic relationships with external stakeholders such as local banks and potential investors.