Company Liquidation

We provide liquidation service when companies are winded-up or ended, whether its voluntary liquidation decided by the shareholders or compulsory liquidation decided by court. When a company liquidated, all the assets of the company are distributed to the shareholders of the company after settlement of dues to creditors and lenders.

A liquidation audit report will list the assets and liabilities of the company, assets are converted to cash and distributed fairly to the parties involved as stated in the law and regulations.  

As per the Qatari company Law, there are certain procedures to be followed on the liquidation of companies including:

-      Approving the company dissolution, appointment of the liquidator, cessation of Board's power and announcing the liquidation in two local newspapers.

-      The liquidator completing the liquidation process, and distributing the converted assets to ceased employees, government and other parties.

-      Canceling the company records with the immigration and labor departments, and obtaining tax clearance till the date of liquidation.

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